TOP things to do in Soča Valley

SOČA VALLEY Along the emerald path As one transcends the winding road up from Tolmin, or descends the southside of Vršič ountain pass, they become mesmerised by flashes of turquoise appearing at their side. Steal a glance or two and you realise it is an enchanting river, none other than the Soča. Along its banks,

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Slovenia: TOP things to do

Slovenia: Best things to do, best things to visit, best things to see, best things to eat, best things to feel … The incredible natural treasures have given birth to 15 certified natural health spas and three wine growing regions, the home of 53 different species of vine. We have developed 365 typical local and

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TOP 10 must see Slovenia attractions

Where to go in Slovenia, THE best of Slovenia, what to see in Slovenia? We have selected the top 10 must-see Slovenian attractions. Slovenia is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN). Its great cities of art, like Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, and Piran are famous and have been attracting visitors

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TOP Highlights of Slovenia

Slovenia Highlights: The best Where to go, what to see, what to eat, what to feel? Slovenia, with its 20,273 km², is like Europe in a nutshell. On such a small surface area, it combines the Mediterranean, Alps, the Karst, and the Pannonian Basin. More than 60% of its surface area is covered by forests,

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TOP Things to do in Ljubljana

The Best Ljubljana – what to do, where to go, what to see? The quaint capital of Slovenia The tongue twisting capital of Slovenia is the figurative and (almost) literal centre of the ountry, with nearly three times more inhabitants than any other Slovene city and an even arger share of its commercial, administrative, cultural

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