The voting system for determining the Best of Slovenia for each of the four new tourism regions is a comprehensive, four-tier process that has been developed by the same team responsible for the highly successful The Slovenia Restaurant Awards and the Best of Ljubljana in cooperation with In Your Pocket, a leading European publisher.

Initial Selections by Executive Committee

The determination of categories, with eight standard and two customised for each regions, as well as the initial selection of finalists based on specific individual criteria is conducted by the Best of Slovenia Executive Committee, which consists of esteemed tourism professionals from diverse backgrounds with decades of practical experience in the field of tourism in both Slovenia and abroad.

Nominations from Local Experts

For each region, selected local experts are invited to contribute further nominations for all categories based on their local knowledge and unique perspectives, in order to make sure that the lists of finalists for each category are as thorough and representative as possible. After receiving the nominations, the Executive Committee makes the final determination.

Voting by Tourism Academy Members

The first round of voting is limited to members of the Tourism Academy (Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor, Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica, Tourist Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Association of Tourist Guides, Slovenian Professional Guides Association, Association of Regional Tourist Guides of Slovenia, G-Guides, Alpine Association of Slovenia, Photographic Association of Slovenia) who can vote for up to five finalists from each category, with a ratio of one vote permitted for each seven finalists on the ballot. The voting is weighted with the Academy members accounting for 75% of the final tally.

Voting by the General Public

At the conclusion of the voting by the Tourism Academy, the results are calculated and shortlists of finalists from each category move on to a final round of voting, which is open to the general public. The public portion of the vote accounts for the remaining 25% of the final tally.

Tourism Academy Members

Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor
Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica
Slovenian Association of Tourist Guides
Association of Regional Tourist Guides of Slovenia
Slovenian Professional Guides Association
Tourist Association of Slovenia

Alpine Association of Slovenia

Photographic Association of Slovenia