Partners of the project

Magnet design d.o.o. 

At Magnet design we offer our clients complete support in creating spaces. Together with our partners we can work with you from conception to the champagne. We can join you on your project at any time – at the design and planning stage as architects or at the execution stage as providers of first class builders’ and craftsmen’s services and supplier of top quality interior finishes and furnishings. Our field of expertise lies in architecture and interior design. We provide: project consulting, project development, project execution. Our goal is to make your experience in creating your environment as simple and as pleasant as possible. Go about your business let us design your life.

More info and contact: 1 23 73 113

Sava Turizem d.d.

As the largest Slovenian tourism company operating in Slovenia and the creator of a diverse range of the best tourist experiences, Sava Turizem have decades of experience in providing excellent services and innovative products at all of our destinations, which are bound by the common theme of diverse experiences and unique water and that stretch from the mighty but accessible Julian Alps to the fertile, magical and even mysterious Prekmurje plains. The Group’s primary goal for the future is to keep guests happy, retain their leading market position, ensure excellent cooperation with business partners and local communities and, last but not least, keep employing motivated employees.  

More info and contact:, 80 50 00

Klopca ljubezni

Each journey starts with the first step and continues into experiences, which form the stories we tell to our grandchildren with admiration. The path of the heart bench began a long time ago in the embrace of the Drevenica Mountains. Heart bench surrounded by rays of the sunset is attracting the visitors and inspiring them with energy, will, view and silence. We want to continue this kind of philosophy in the future. Today, you can find heart benches at Boč – Drevenička gora, Donačka gora, Vogar, Lisca, Velika planina and Bled. Access to them offers a wonderful trip through the rich forests of Slovenia, and the view pays off every step in the bush.

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Jošt Gantar – Professional Photographer

Jošt Gantar is an award winning profesional photographer and outdoor enthusiast who crisscrosses Slovenia on a daily basis. His works were published in hundreds Slovenian and foreign publications, catalogues and books, for instant on the cover of the official Slovenian tourist catalogue and in National Geographic magazine. His works were exhibited on many exhibitions, among others also in the United nations palace in New York.
As an author he enjoys landscape photography the most, but works on many fields of profesional photography especially in the field of tourism – photographing destinations and hotels he is also Marriott hotels certified photographer.
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More info and contact:, +386 41 246 54