Top Trip to Ptujsko Lake

Ptuj Lake is the largest artificial lake in Slovenia, located on the Drava River near Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town. The locals call it the Ptuj Sea and it really looks like it. There is a 13-kilometer long trail around the lake, suitable for walking, jogging, or cycling.

A whole range of options for water recreation

The lake offers water skiing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, kitesurfing, riding pedal boats, jets and motorboats. A panoramic ride on the Čigra tourist boat is also popular, and

it offers beautiful views of Ptuj as well as the nearby hills of Haloze and Slovenske Gorice.

There is a football pitch, handball court, and beach volleyball court near the lake. Fans of beach volleyball will also want to attend the annual volleyball tournament in July.

The lake is known for its numerous birds

As many as 230 species, including endangered ones, nest in the area of the lake and its four islands. Lake Ptuj is popular for fishing as well. Nearby the lake you can find the Ranca Marina, Slovenia’s only harbor on land.

Why have I chosen this lake? As one of the largest lakes in Slovenia, you almost never see the end of, but despite being known as a sea it is still possible to walk all the way around it.

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