Top Slovenian locations for stand up paddling

Over the last couple of years, Slovenia has truly transformed into a stand-up paddlers paradise. Grab your SUP and explore the top Slovenian locations for stand up paddling!

Slovenia has many locations where you can enjoy stand up paddling and explore Slovenian gems. You can have an active holiday with your SUP board on lakes, rivers or on the coastline. Here are our top Slovenian locations for stand up paddling.

Top Slovenian lakes for stand up paddling

Lake Bled

The azure-colored water will tempt you to discover lake Bled from the surface perspective. Lake Bled is one of our favorite Slovenian locations to go stand up paddling. After stand up paddling on lake Bled, make sure you try the traditional Kremšnita.

Lake Bled - Slovenia's largest lake ambassador
Lake Bled – Slovenia’s largest lake ambassador

Gradiško Lake

Gradiško lake is an artificial lake, made to reduce the likelihood of flooding of the river Radomlja. It was dammed while building the highway in the Štajerska region.  The lake is very popular with hikers, runners, and bicycle enthusiasts, for it is the home of a non-demanding gravel path, some three kilometers in length.

You can also go stand up paddling on this lake as it is not populated with many people paddling on it, which is the main reason Gradiško lake is one of our top locations in Slovenia to go stand up paddling.

Lake of Planinsko polje

Once or twice per year stand up paddlers have the opportunity to paddle on the surface on the Lake of Planinsko polje, which is, in fact, an intermittent lake. It is made famous because of a unique underground confluence of two rivers, one of the larger ones of its kind in Europe. It is the place where the rivers Pivka, which flows from Postonjska cave, and the river Raka, coming from Rakov Škocjan, meet.

Cerkniško Lake

This will probably one of the most amazing SUP adventures in Slovenia. Grab your SUP board and visit the biggest intermittent lake in Europe. Cerknica lake is an intermittent lake, so the level of water is changing and we have to catch the right time when stand up paddling is even possible.

While paddling on Cerkniško lake you will be able to explore pristine Slovenian nature and visit the stunning Škocjan Caves.

Lake Zbilje

The word Zbilje, or better-said town of Zbilje, often brings us an image of lounging by the beautiful lake while eating a delicious scoop of ice cream, we have to tell you there is more to Zbilje than just good ice cream.

Lake Zbilje attracts many of stand up paddlers, as it is close to the capital city. Lake Zbilje is without a doubt a great location for stand up paddling. Make sure you don’t disturb the swans.

Šmartinsko Lake

If you are headed towards the Štajerska region with your SUP board, then this is the ideal location for paddling. Šmartinsko lake is located in the immediate vicinity of Celje, and was created for the retention of torrential waters. This lake is one of the largest dammed lakes in Slovenia.

If you don’t have your own SUP board, no worries they offer renting by the lake.

Lake Klivnik

Lake Klivnik is located in the heart of Brkini, among the picturesque hills in the area of Ilirska Bistrica. It is artificial in origin, built in order to enrich the low flows of the river during dry periods, to retain high waters for irrigation of the surrounding orchards, for fish breeding and fishing.

Lake Klivnik is one of your top locations for stand up paddling in Slovenia as the water is clear and clean.

Lake Mola

Another lake near Brkini is lake Mola. An artificial lake that offers great sup opportunities. This is one of our top sup locations in Slovenia as it is not populated, meaning you will enjoy some peace and quiet on the surface.

Lake Planšar

Lake Planšar on the remarkable Jezersko is a lake in the shape of a heart that the locals dammed in honor of the memory of a larger glacial lake, after which the place got its name.

The lake is a great choice for the active use of time, as in addition to taking walks, it offers a range of other recreational opportunities. In the summer, you can rent a SUP paddleboard at the lake guesthouse if you don’t have your own and paddle away.

Lake Sobota

The Soboško Lake, also called the Soboško Sea, lies in the immediate vicinity of Murska Sobota. It is recognizable by a pavilion with which Slovenia presented itself at the World Expo Milano 2015.

Other activities at the lake include swimming, guided exercise at the exercise park, surfing, SUP paddleboarding, sunbathing, sailing, water zorbing, kayaking, canoeing and a whole range of activities for children. It might get a bit crowded in the summer.

Lake Trboje

Lake Trboje, also known as Lake Mavčiče, Lake Žerjavsko, Lake Kranjsko or for those with romantic souls, the goosander’s tear. It was created by damming the Sava River during the construction of the Mavčiče hydroelectric power plant.

You won’t be able to walk around the lake, but you can take care of your healthy mind in a healthy body on a SUP board. Lake Trboje is a true paradise for lovers of SUP paddleboarding for the whole family. The calm surface is also suitable for beginners, but if you do slip off the board, you will be pleasantly refreshed in the water.

Lake Vogrsko

The Vogrč reservoir, also called Vogršček, was created for the irrigation of the Vipava Valley.

There are numerous walking trails around the lake that offer peaceful walks in nature. Although the lake is not very touristically developed, it is becoming more and more popular among SUP paddleboard enthusiasts.

Lake Most na Soči

Also known as the Doblar Lake, the reservoir lake at Most na Soči was created by damming the Soča River for the Doblar hydroelectric power plant. A lake characterized by the unique color of the Soča River is beloved by strollers as well as water sports enthusiasts.

You can admire the lake while sitting on a kayak, canoe, SUP board. This is our favorite stand up paddling location in Slovenia.

Top Slovenian rivers for stand up paddling

Ljubljanica river

Located in the heart of Ljubljana is our next top stand up paddling location in Slovenia. Ljubljanica has become a very popular location for stand up paddling over the last 6 years or so. There are also many SUP clubs who organize tours on the Ljubljanica river for stand up paddling.

In case you don’t have your own SUP board in Slovenia, no worries you can always rent a SUP board. We highly recommend Bananway or SUP Klub.

Drava river

Our next top Slovenian location for stand up paddling in located on Drava river, which is located in the second-largest city in Slovenia. While stand up paddling on Drava river, you will be able to admire the city of Maribor from different angles.

Soča river

The Soča Valley is a jewel of Slovenia and a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts. The Emerald River flowing through it will undoubtedly take your breath away! 

Stand up paddling on river Soča will be the most memorable active experience in Slovenia. Enjoy a relaxing day of stand up paddling on Soča river, while admiring the beautiful emerald beauty below you.

Kolpa river

Paddle through the quiet Kolpa canyon and observe the unique greenery. The river is one of the purest parts of Slovenia with a wide range of birds. Descend to its calm part, join a water picnic, go swimming, and feel the harmony with nature.

Stand up paddle-boarding on the Slovenian sea

Take a look at the coast from the sea as you go on stand-up paddle-boarding trips. Paddle on your board from Piran to Strunjan. On your trip, see the old town center from the sea – row by the old Piran town wall and you will reach Fiesa and find a shell beach a resting area for great cormorants, protected birds, and from there you can set off to your final destination in Strunjan.

Short trips from Moon Bay or to the beaches of Izola are also interesting. Take your SUP boards to explore the surrounding area of Koper and Ankaran.

Grab your SUP board and pick one of the top Slovenian stand-up paddling locations!

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