FEEL SLOVENIA through 6 senses

Experience the best of Slovenia in 2 hours!

The Slovenia Wonders project is based around the development of an integrated tourism project (ITP) that will present the best of Slovenia all in one convenient destination for both foreign tourists and locals. Visitors will literally be able to feel Slovenia through all five senses at a single location, as well as find additional information about visiting the country’s many wondrous sights in person – all of which are only a short distance away and can quickly be reached thanks to Slovenia’s small size.

The award-winning Magnet Design is dedicated to creating mobile experience centers where visitors can experience all the wonders of Slovenia through their senses. In 2021 we prepare 4 webinars where we present Slovenian destinations through the senses, namely:

  • Alpine Slovenia was on 20.4.2021
  • Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia  was on 12.5.2021
  • Thermal Pannonian Slovenia was on 28.4.2021
  • Ljubljana & Central Slovenia was on 4.5.2021

The recordings of the webinars you can see here.

The exhibitions will allow visitors to see, touch, smell, hear and feel, as well as comprehensively experience (the sixth sense), all of Slovenia, including some 100 different individual elements at each mobile experience centre. The ultimate goal is pique visitors’ interest and encourage them to discover more by travelling around Slovenia and staying for a longer period of time, allowing them to create more unforgettable memories and happily share them on social media, which will in turn encourage others to visit for themselves.


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Alpine Slovenia
Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia
Thermal Pannonian Slovenia
Ljubljana & Central Slovenia

The project is partially funded by the EU, from the European Regional Development Fund. The operation is carried out under the Operational Program for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy for the period 2014-2020.